Heartfeldt Foundation


Our Founders

Sam Feldt

Founder & Chairman

Platinum-selling DJ and producer Sam Feldt has traveled the world ever since his career took off in 2015. Being on the road made him realize he wants to leverage his unique position to inspire his fanbase about environmental issues the world faces and how every individual can adopt changes in their lifestyle. Born in a family of activists - from a very young age, he learned to make conscious decisions and think about the wellbeing of the planet. He currently serves as founder and lead ambassador of the foundation, implementing our Give, Do, Inspire & Empower strategy in everything he does.

Karin Koopmans

Founder / Secretary

It was during a Vipassana retreat in Thailand where she became clear about her mission in life, combining her love of working in music with making an impact for a more sustainable lifestyle. In the past years, she was part of Sam's music management team, where she helped Sam create awareness for a better world. Within the foundation, she takes the lead in identifying exciting projects and initiatives to support and establishing solid relationships with our partners.

Michelle Rademakers


While working in the music industry as head of Heartfeldt Records, Michelle discovered her passion for doing good in the world and making an impact through the releases on the label, and donating a percentage of their royalties to the Heartfeldt Foundation. She currently serves as our treasurer and is responsible for general financial oversight of the foundation.