Heartfeldt Foundation


Sam Feldt

Founder & Chairman

Platinum-selling DJ and producer Sam Feldt has traveled the world since his career took off in 2015. Being on the road made him realize he wanted to leverage his unique position to inspire his fanbase about environmental issues the world faces and how every individual can adopt changes in their lifestyle. Born into a family of activists, he learned to make conscious decisions and think about the planet's well-being from a young age. He currently serves as the founder, chairman, and lead ambassador of the foundation, implementing our Give, Do, Inspire, and Empower strategy in everything he does.

Kari Aina Eik


With her extensive experience in impactful work with the UN, United Cities, and the SDG Global Impact Fund, Kari Aina Eik serves as our esteemed treasurer. Leveraging her deep understanding of global environmental strategies and vast network, Kari plays a pivotal role in our organisation. Her collaborative spirit and unwavering dedication ensure our initiatives reach new heights, making a meaningful and lasting impact on the world.

Annamaria Kupó

Secretary & Head of Operations

Annamaria Kupó is the Head of Operations at the Heartfeldt Foundation, where her expertise in project management and passion for the environment drive the foundation's day-to-day operations. With a background in environmental studies, she expertly integrates the foundation's Give, Do, Inspire, and Empower ethos into every initiative. Whether coordinating global partnerships or managing local events, Annamaria's commitment to sustainability is key to turning our ambitious projects into impactful realities.