Heartfeldt Foundation

About us


The Heartfeldt Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes a conscious lifestyle and supports local sustainability initiatives on a global level, based on our Give, Do, Inspire & Empower framework.


We believe that by leading by example, using the reach of our ambassadors & donors, and supporting local sustainability initiatives and innovative companies, we have the power to make this planet healthier for the generations to come.

Give, Do, Inspire & Empower

We maximize our impact using a multi-faceted approach based on four critical pillars on which we build our strategy and the sustainability efforts of our ambassadors.


  • We have raised €25k+ in funding through donations during our 2019 carbon-neutral Amsterdam Dance Event called the Heartfeldt Neon Jungle.
  • We've established a partnership with record label Heartfeldt Records, ensuring 1% of all royalties will be donated to the Heartfeldt Foundation.
  • We've used our funds to help protect and plant a forest in Costa Rica.
  • We've partnered with Carbon Neutral Group and supported their CO2 reduction projects in Uganda financially.
  • We've produced a series of Heartfeldt phone cases, 100% eco-friendly and made from recycled PET plastics, of which the sales benefited the projects we support.


  • All our artist partners have adopted a plastic-free rider, making the backstages of their live shows free of plastic disposables.
  • Our artist partners have pledged to make all travel carbon-neutral or positive by supporting carbon-offsetting programs.
  • We have hosted beach and city clean-ups in Amsterdam and Miami with our artist partners, cleaning up the cities with their fans.
  • We've helped our artist partners switch towards more sustainable modes of transportation, like hybrid cars and public transport.


  • Through our channels and those of our artist partners, we have inspired millions worldwide by raising awareness around sustainability issues through social media exposure.
  • Our artist partners have participated in podcasts with large audiences, discussing sustainability issues and possible solutions to raise awareness among their listeners.
  • Our artist partners have continuously raised awareness of our foundation, values, and mission in national and international press interviews.
  • Our management and artist partners have participated in many large-scale (digital and real-life) events (ADE, Coachella, Miami Music Week), raising awareness around the foundation and sustainability issues.


  • We've established strong partnerships with and supported organizations that share our vision. These partnerships include Carbon Neutral Group, ByeByePlastic, The Plastic Soup Foundation, and World Cleanup Day.
  • We have supported innovative brands and companies by showcasing their products and services using the reach of our ambassadors. For example, we've highlighted the sustainability efforts of Dopper, GreenEvents, and BMW.