Heartfeldt Foundation


Welcome to our Partners Page, where change-makers unite. Here, you'll find an inspiring tapestry of companies, non-profits, and artists who stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Heartfeldt Foundation in our quest for a better tomorrow.

Corporate Partners

We are fortunate to work with various innovative companies committed to social responsibility and positive impact. Together, we design initiatives that go beyond 'business as usual' to create meaningful, lasting change.

Non-Profit Partners

In our mission to drive impact, we are proud to collaborate with esteemed non-profits that share our values. These partnerships amplify our reach and effectiveness, uniting us in common causes for the greater good.

Our Partners: Bye Bye Plastic Foundation, Plastic Soup Foundation, Orca Sound Project, Volunteer Clean-Up.Org

Artist Partners

While Sam Feldt is currently our standout artist partner, we are looking for artists who can help us spread awareness and are willing to lead by example. Music and art have the power to move the masses, and our artist partners are the heartbeat that fuels this movement.

Are you a company, non-profit, or artist interested in partnering with us? Reach out today, and let’s discuss how we can amplify our impact together.

Feel free to contact us to explore partnership opportunities. Together, we can make more than just a statement—we can make a difference.